Saturday, July 25, 2015

See? I didn't miss anything!

So as an antidote for my Fifty Shades of Envious Green because I'm not at the RWA Conference, I am presenting what I am doing this week.

1. I got books, too. Um. Yay?

But I didn't have to try to carry them all home in my bags! And didn't get home in the wee hours because of storms in the Southwest that stranded me in the Las Vegas airport for several hours with no outlets to recharge cell phones and almost nowhere to sit. Yeah, that was so fun last year...

2. I have tickets for an Off-Broadway (off-off-off-off) show Sunday:

My daughter's friend's ballet recital is TOTALLY ready for Broadway!

3. My mild form of prosopagnosia (face-blindness) has only led me to call my children by the wrong names, not fail to identify my favorite authors without staring at their lanyards or offend people I've already met by passing them without saying hello or staring at them blankly.

4. I have a really great view from my window. Much better than Times Square:

5. I did some writing! And I looked glamorous while doing it!

Is my chin really that big?

6. I met up with some fabulous romance authors. Our local RWA chapter gathered, uh, seven of us to have coffee and talk writing and publishing. I didn't take pictures. Probably should have.

7. I will watch the Golden Heart / Rita ceremony. Live streaming tonight! 8:30 Eastern! With live chat commentary at Smart Bitches! Almost like being there! *sniff*

8. Most of all, I swore up and down that I WILL go to RWA Nationals in San Diego next year. No excuses. I mean, unless it's too much of a financial burden. But I WILL sell a million copies of my books (Indispensable Wife this fall. Honorable Officer...sometime a few months after that). OK, just a few thousand would be enough.

And so for the aforementioned Golden Heart / Rita ceremony, there are a few of the GH nominees whom I know and I've read a ton of the Rita-nominated books. All I can say is GO! FINGERS CROSSED!

See you next year!

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