Monday, June 29, 2015

Starting a new blog - writer's block

Test test test test...

*clears throat*

*Microphone feedback*

Can you hear me now?

Châteaux and Shadows is the new title for my series of Historical Romance novels. The first will be The Indispensable Wife and will be out this fall with the Wild Rose Press.

My Pinterest board is always getting added to, not so much deleted from or organized or anything. It's more of a pit of inspiration for me. But they had some pretty stuff back then! Once you've seen that board, which is a gleaning just for Indispensable Wife, check out my other boards!

The draft of the blurb:
Aurore, daughter of a baron, was delighted when a marriage was arranged with the boy she loved, her older brother’s best friend, Dominique, Comte de Bures. But a few years later, the first rush of lust has worn off and she has not been able to bear an heir for her noble husband. Their promising story has been ruined by loss, betrayal, and misunderstanding. 

One terrifying morning mercenaries overrun their château and usurpers take Aurore hostage. Miles away at Versailles, where he is required to dance attendance on Louis XIV, Dominique is nearly killed by a crossbow bolt.

After escaping, Aurore travels with a troupe of itinerant musicians, hiding in the open while discovering hidden resources within herself.

Dom sets out to find his wife. He needs his old life back. He needs revenge. 

But his lands, his title, and his honor mean nothing unless he can win back the love of his indispensable wife.

And a littlie LOUIE to take us out:
Looking good, Lou!