Sunday, July 12, 2015

Camp Nanowrimo and Pulling Teeth and... Procrastination

I've written some words every day this month. This is big for me! It's not always my goal number, but it's something, and the big days have kept me mostly caught up. I love Nanowrimo for giving me arbitrary deadlines that I feel compelled to meet. I don't think I would get anything done at all without it.

Camp NaNoWriMo

It's just that some days are harder, both with focus and with where's-the-plot-going-now and with all the other things I can and should be doing.

I homeschool my middle child. The summer means I don't have to do that every day, but there are still considerations of next year's plans and curriculum and, this year, waiting for the schedule to be posted and registration for new families to open for the place I'm going to take him two days a week for some of his subjects. Now, we're waiting to find out which classes he got into and have only heard about three of the five.  He got science, math, and a thing they call "upcycle engineering." We're still waiting for the writing and art classes. It doesn't seem like "waiting" should take up time, but the low-grade hum of anxiety is always there and I keep checking out other places that offer writing and drawing classes. Plus we still need books and workbooks for these and other subjects.

I do the newsletter for my local chapter of the RWA, so that took a couple of days at the beginning of this month. We have a board meeting next weekend and an informal hangout meeting in two weeks, when the RWA National conference is going on (and as the date approaches, I'm getting sadder that I'm not going this year). Plus, I'm getting aggravated at the number of people who can't access the newsletter on Yahoo groups so I'm looking for another solution that doesn't involve me maintaining a list of email addresses.

And I'm trying to increase my Twitter knowledge and following. This is my fourth attempt to "get" Twitter. Are we supposed to be having conversations? Or is it 99% advertising to each other? I tend to go on and scroll through the last couple of hours. And then click to see what was posted in the time it took me to do that. And then again. And again. And... rabbit hole! Anyway, my Twitter... handle? is @plaatsch even though it says "Philippa Lodge" now. So follow me. I don't post a whole lot and am not advertising anything yet, except for the rare forward about a friend's book. Or to share something funny.

The Twitter and this blog mean my Author Facebook posts are few and far between. Because there are only so many hours in a day. Follow me there, follow me here, follow me over there... just don't look at my web page. I should look into getting someone to make that all pretty. Oh, and self-publishing my Christmas/winter ghost romance novella? Yeah, that's going to happen SOMEDAY.

And then research on the 17th century. Pinterest.

And, oh yeah.... writing.

And a friend just called me up saying we should start our own two-person sewing group, to make us get back to crafting. And she's right. Maybe I could finish the quilt top for my daughter before she goes away to college. (She's seven).

And laundry. And grocery shopping.

And blogging.


(568 words, nothing to do with Emmanuel and Catherine...)

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