Thursday, December 31, 2015

100% champagne powered

Ah... the beauty of cheap, sweet bubbly. I'm going to be embarrassed tomorrow when I read this aren't I? Probably. Moving right along.

1) The BEST books I read in 2015 that weren't re-reads (I published a quick list of all my 5-stars-on-Goodreads  books already.):

The Martian, Weir (completely fascinated me. Read it in one sitting. Was waiting for my teens to read the book before seeing the movie and now it's not in any theaters near us. DRAT.)

If You Only Knew, Higgins (a return to a more general fiction tone. Still romantic. I laughed and cried. And just so well written and compelling!)

Shards of Hope, Singh (part of the new direction the series is taking, now that Silence has fallen. You really have to have read at least the last few books before this one to get into it. ADEN! IS! SO! AWESOME!)

"Ghosts of Christmas Past" and "Luminous", Lawson (super hero romance. I love her novel-length books, but these two novellas really hit me just right.)

Me on Goodreads

2) But of course, the very best book of the year was The Indispensable Wife. You should definitely read it if you like: history, historical fiction, adventure, romance, spouses reunited, France, Louis XIV, the seventeenth century, uh... all that sort of stuff.

3) And there will be a new book, The Honorable Officer, coming soon. February? March? I should find out soon when. Go read the blurb HERE and mark it as to-read. Then buy it when you can. It's a good one. All the stuff above except the spouse part. They are forced together by danger to the plot moppet (I promise she has a personality and tantrums and such) and much of the story involves traveling. And there's a secondary love story.

4) This year, I have a bunch more projects coming along (Chevalier is early in the process. I am working on the info I need to give them for the cover and promo and everything).

5) I'm going to go all crazy and self-publish the Christmas romance novella I had out two years ago. It's contemporary and has ghosts. I'm thinking about self-pubbing the novella that goes between books 3 and 4 in my series, too. But shhhh (drunken whisper), that's a ssssecret.

6) I'm going to lose 15 pounds before I go to the RWA conference in San Diego in July. And once there, I'll be brave and hand out books and business cards. HERE YOU GO! READ MY BOOKS! And walk more (I got a Fitbit!). And eat less (Fitbit syncs with Fitness Pal!). And bitch less. And make my kids do more chores.

And so there's my bookish summary of 2015 and preview of 2016.

Happy New Year!

With love and hugs and some drunken giggling,

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