Sunday, January 3, 2016

I don't wannaaaaa

School starts again on Wednesday. *dramatic music* I'm lucky because we don't have to go back tomorrow.

But I'm not ready! And I don't want to get back to the early mornings and the grind and all that!

I still need to brainstorm my (mostly) homeschooled 8th grader's History and English curriculum. I have this whole spreadsheet tracking history to literature from or about the time periods, though we don't always get to everything on it.

We're going to need to do some essay writing (with a dictation program as he's dyslexic), since we didn't do that at home last semester. He was in a creative writing class to try to get his ideas to come out the end of his pencil, but it wasn't really working. So anyway, I need to think about what we're going to read and see if the library can deliver it in a timely fashion.

We also need to take him in to the district office and register him for high school next year. Oh, and there's some paperwork I have to do.

And my daughter needs to be convinced that school is awesome and she doesn't want to stay home with mom. Because really, home with mom is no fun (and when middle child is in school next year, she had better be, too, because I need to find a part-time job or get really serious about writing and start making money at it).

And my oldest will be starting all new classes (he's on a block schedule where they cover the whole year's curriculum in one semester in 4 classes at a time). Please, oh please, let it not be as heavy a load of homework as his statistics class last semester. Oy.

Anyway, I need to pull out the history book and think. Which these days, with my brain on vacation, is pretty tough.

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