Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Running up to Christmas

Run run run!

As of last night, the round of fun stuff and obligations is done. Still a good deal of present-buying and other preparations to go, but so far, so good. Just some plain sugar cookies to roll out, cut, and bake for my second-grader's class to decorate tomorrow.

The big problem is that in spite of parties and decorations, I'm just not feeling the seasonal excitement. Part of that is living in the Inland Valley of California, where summer is HOT and winter is mild. I grew up in Ohio. Cold means cold. Frost, ice, and (sometimes) snow mean Christmas.

It has gotten below freezing maybe three times so far. I just brought my rubber tree plant "Whoops" inside before it got more frost damage than it already has. I immediately had to use Nature's Miracle no-marking spray (cinnamon and lemon grass stench) on it to keep the young cat from chewing on the leaves, as it might be a variety that's toxic to pets and the young cat is dumb and immediately started chewing. The smell is giving middle child a headache.
Everyone knows an ant can't move this.
Maybe I should crank up the Hallelujah Chorus or some Madrigals. I should at least get gifts in the mail to distant family. One is sent already, but not the others. I don't even know what I'm getting for my nephews. Gift cards, probably. The exchange of Game Stop gift cards is becoming something of a ritual. We send some to them, they send some to us.

Maybe I'll just glom some more Christmas romance novellas. I looooove Christmas romance novellas. I'm thinking of writing one for next year. So I need to research Christmas traditions in 17th century France.Hmmm... anyone have resources on 17th century Catholic Christmas traditions?

So a rousing BAH HUMBUG to all and off to do errands.

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