Sunday, December 27, 2015

I would call it post-holiday blues...

I would call it post-holiday blues, but I pretty much never hit the non-blue portion of the holidays. That's not saying I didn't have many moments of happiness and light. And I'm not a huge prepper with a million details about Christmas that have to be JUST RIGHT OR WE'LL ALL SUFFER. And yet the day that I went to eight different stores (and into the grocery store 3 times) was a bit rough.

We saw Star Wars! And might see it again!

My kids got things they asked for! And I did, too!

I spent too much, but not huge amounts too much!

But now things are settling into the slow time between Christmas and New Year's, dragging on to the return to school. We have about ten days of freedom left and really need to do something with our time.

Like what?

Oh, editing the novella (I had massively good ideas about how to make the middle flow better and cut it shorter). I need to do the RWA chapter newsletter. And the kids need to do something, anything other than watch DVDs and play on the computers. ANYTHING.

I'm finding an online Driver's Ed class for my oldest (they don't do the classes in schools anymore at all, apparently). His 16th birthday is in a few days and he could have taken this class and the permit test and started practicing driving when he was 15 1/2. If he and his brother go to the same high school next year (and they should), it will be a relief to have him be able to drive them both on rainy days.

Speaking of which, I need to get the 8th grader signed up for high school. I need to find the papers I need for him. And he needs a new bike.

And oldest needs some birthday presents.

Oh, and we all need new passports.

And two kids need new shoes. I should check on the oldest one's shoes, too.

And there's a doctor's visit coming up and an insurance hassle to try to settle before that happens or we're going to have to postpone it. Two years of waiting for health insurance to be completely settled. I thought it finally was and scheduled checkups for kids. And BAM a letter in the mail. And my husband was getting mad at me because I was panicking. TWO YEARS.

So I do have things to do and need to come out of my under-blanket reading binge and do them.

Happy last few days of 2015!

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