Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Moving again (the story, that is)

I spent a few days flailing around, figuring out what should happen in the book I'm working on (which I started over the summer and got stuck, so it's just been sitting for months). So I went back and edited, which is not supposed to be done during Nano, but well, I wasn't going anywhere until I did. I added some scenes and added some dogs and a dead body. I'm also considering adding a panic disorder. I'm still on track to finish 50K words in the next few days. Almost 3K words just yesterday!

So anyway, Nanowrimo is going well.

In other news, the kids are off school ALL WEEK. So far so good. I try to keep them a little busy, but not too much.

Yesterday DS2, the thirteen year-old, went on a hike with his best buddy and the buddy's mom. They meant to take a short hike, but ended up on the five mile trail with significant hills. I took the seven year-old DD to see "Inside Out" in the super cheap theater. I cried significantly. The fifteen year-old DS1 did, uh...I think he read a book?

Today, DS2 slept late. The boys got haircuts and I took all three to get a snack.

Tomorrow.... I think DD has a playdate. I still don't like calling them that, even after three kids.

Thursday is turkey.

Friday is recovery. Maybe another hike.

Saturday is start doing all that homework they were supposed to do over break. Sunday is finish it.

And then it feels like we never had a break at all.

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