Friday, November 20, 2015

A breather, I guess?

I finished the Henri/Fourbier novella. And yes, it is M/M, but they don't do more than kiss and cuddle, which is a bit less than my characters in my other books do. It's also ten years into their relationship. There might not be enough trouble between them yet, but they are facing a lot of crises together, without much backing from their families, which are also facing crises. It takes place immediately after Book 3.

The title of Book 3 in Chateaux and Shadows is probably going to be "The Contrary Cavalier" or maybe just "Cavalier" or the French "Chevalier". I also have some more edits on it from a critique partner, so will be fitting that into my schedule before my editor gets around to editing it.

I started writing Book 6 from the beginning again, but my mind held too much information from the first version so I was trying to not repeat myself. And yet not enough info, so I couldn't figure out what to write. Yesterday, I read the 16,000-ish words I wrote before and made notes on what I wanted to change. I'm also going to throw in a dead body. That'll keep them busy! I think the next thing to do is brainstorm (right in the document, typing quickly) what needs to happen to make this into a novel and have it make sense. It started as an idea for a novella, but expanded in my mind, even before the dead body showed up.

And 11 days (including today) left in NaNoWriMo! I pre-ordered my Winner t-shirt, thinking they'd come after the end of the month and if I didn't win, I would cancel before they sent it.
A few days ago, I got an email saying it had shipped. Today, it arrived. MOTIVATION!

Right, off to write.

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