Sunday, November 1, 2015

And now it's NaNoWriMo time for real

This year, I am writing the rest of a book I started a few months ago and got stuck on. Not totally stuck, just ran out of time once the summer Camp Nanowrimo ended. I've been editing and getting grumpier since then, but had a basic outline and some things written up about the characters and where they're going.

This is far more than I usually have when writing a story. We'll see how it goes. In my head, the book's almost done, after all, so I don't know if I have the creative drive to write it.

It's also planned to be a novella, which won't be enough words for all of Nano, anyway. But I have another book, probably a novella, that I started a few months ago, too.

Oh heavens, it sounds like I haven't been able to finish anything ALL YEAR. That's not true. For Camp Nano, I finished a book that I started a couple of years ago before starting a novella that I didn't finish.


Sometimes, I just can't get the continuity going. My son has recently been diagnosed with a bit of ADD. I swear as I've gotten older, I'm unable to concentrate unless something really interests me. There have been an awful lot of book club books that I've just...not...finished. Or even started, for that matter.

And here I am, writing a blog instead of writing about Henri and Fourbier.

My motto when writing Henri: WWSD? (What Would Snape Do?) 

He's not that bad, especially by this point in the series. Mild spoiler: he mellows with age. A little. I think we got a good look at his soft insides in Indispensable Wife, right? (Buy Indispensable. Links to the right of this blog post. It's good, I promise.). His heartbreak at losing his lover, his fears for the future, and his unswerving loyalty for his brothers and sister.

And Fourbier, whom you will meet in the second book of Châteaux and Shadows, The Honorable Officer, is a bit of slyness and a bit of razzle-dazzle and a bit of a lost soul. Having more recently edited Honorable, I'm feeling closer to Fourbier right now, since he has a point of view in that book. But then, Henri rises to the occasion in Book 3 (still untitled), about his youngest brother, Emmanuel. Henri and Emmanuel both got their bitterness from their darling Maman.

Maman the Baronesse is a piece of work. I think I wrote her more two-dimensional than I feel. Or else I didn't really explore her much until Book 3.

Anyway, back to throwing down some more words on Les Fourberies d'Henri. Or The Pain in Henri's Neck. Or Les Courberies d'Henri, though the first and last of those make exactly no sense unless you've heard of the farce by Moliere, Les Fourberies de Scapin. And you have to know that Courberies is almost the word for Curvature in French (though it's really Courbure).

And... nope.

I already confuse people enough with the French names and words and stuff. Sorry about that.

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