Friday, November 13, 2015


I love France. The pain au chocolat, the baguettes, the wine. People living lives a lot like Americans, but not quite. A slightly different perspective on the world that radically altered my brain when I was first immersed in it. The French are hard people to get to know, but once you're in, you're IN.

And to hear of them being gunned down because of where they happened to be, in a terror attack because of some idiots' misguided approach to their religion makes me insane and sad and a hundred other things. I'm not as shocked and stunned as I was on 9/11, but it's close. To think of this vibrant, crazy city brought to a halt because of a few radicals makes me want to cry.

And please, don't start with anti-Muslim rhetoric or say Syrian refugees are responsible. It's crazy people with guns that the Syrians are escaping.

Je suis Parisienne.

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