Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Construction vehicles, chores, and the Internet: a Nanowrimo love story

I'm going to put it out there that I have some form of ADHD. Not so much the H part, because I am sluggish at best. But if I'm not really into something, if there are distractions, or if I am over- or under-caffeinated, I am unable to pay attention.

About a week ago, the electric company put up signs and stuck hangers on our front doorknobs saying they were going to be doing electrical work until Dec 4th. It means trenching, wiring, filling in trenches, and I don't know. It means not parking on the street for a month and dealing with NOISE.

It's a pity all my kids are too big and/or too cool to want to hang around outside watching the diggers and fork lifts and backhoes at work.

It's a bigger pity that my desk is right by the front window and they are working RIGHT OUTSIDE and the constant rumble, intermittent beeping, weird screeching scrapes, clangs, and all the rest ARE MAKING ME CRAZY. Seriously, I've been clenching my teeth all day. My head is vibrating.

It's even making the cats anxious. The younger one has been following me around all day and the older startling at every crash and clang. Of course now their anxiety seems to have worn them out, since I am sitting down and there's sunshine here...
Today is Tuesday, which means my Homeschool Boy has classes and his friend's mom drove him there. I was trying to write at home, but couldn't and kept refreshing Twitter and Facebook. I went to Starbucks (I had to take the old car and drive over a corner of grass to get out) for about an hour and a half and got a good scene written. I have more to say, but needed a break to let my head fill with the next scene and for some of that caffeine to drain out. So I came home and got more chores done, tried to watch a movie and just couldn't get into it, came back to my computer with an idea for what would happen next and....


Dang it.

But this morning's bonus?

Purple Dump Truck.

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