Saturday, August 1, 2015

BUSY: being, staying, and too

I looked at my calendar for the next two weeks and thought I have too much coming up. Then I realized that I am judging the run-up to school against the summer and not the usual school year.

There are gaps! And we still haven't gone to either the coast or the mountains. So if I squint really hard and call first thing Monday morning to change an appointment, we could leave tomorrow. Or Monday. Spend a couple of days someplace where it's not 100 degrees out. See some large body of water.

And be back by Wednesday when I have a thing to do in the afternoon. Thursday, Darling Son #1 (DS1) goes to the dentist and me to a planning meeting and Darling Daughter (DD) to her first soccer practice. Friday, I go to critique group and take DS1 to pick up his schedule at his high school. (Oh please, oh please, great gods of scheduling, let's not mess it up this time.)

I'm a big fan of kids having time to be kids. I'm also a big fan of me not being a Minivan Mom. In other words, I am too lazy to ferry kids around to more than one activity each. I mean, other than school. Plenty of ferrying with that. Even the homeschool boy, Darling Son #2 (DS2) is going to have to be ferried to classes this year.

Well, thank goodness Camp Nanowrimo was in July. Because we were more Sitting around and less We're late. 

I wrote just over 25,000 words, finished one project and started another. I think I know where the new one is going, which is huge, though of course I figured the conflict out on July 31st. I need to do edits and rewrites on the one I finished, untitled Emmanuel's Story, Book 3 in Châteaux and Shadows.

Book 1, Indispensable Wife, is coming this fall. Don't forget!).
Cover reveal coming SOON! Come see my Pinterest page for Indispensable Wife for a little pastiche of clothing and weapons and famous people and castles.

And then I will go back into this new project, which is a novella about the gay brother, Henri, who at the time of the story (immediately after Emmanuel's, so it's Book 3.5) has been with his partner for ten years and is having health problems. Funny how his intense neck and upper back pain is exactly like the problems that left me with a useless arm last spring. And some trouble at his job (they didn't like gay people in 17th century France, even though the king's brother was notorious) and then his partner's nephew shows up and they have to pretend they're not sleeping together. Basically, Henri's life is falling apart and he's too stubborn and sarcastic to show weakness.

And--watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat--I plan on doing the editing and new writing during the school year. I hope we'll get into edits of Book 2 of Châteaux and Shadows, The Honorable Officer.

I want those three things done before November rolls around and the real Nanowrimo kicks in. No dilly-dallying allowed in November. You don't get to set your own lazy summer goal. It's 50,000 words OR BUST.

So what's the next novel I need to write? Hmmm... Châteaux Book 6?


  1. Oh my! I just want to find a good lounge chair and kick back.

    1. Next year.... next year, Homeschool Boy WILL go to a public high school. Enough, I say!