Wednesday, August 12, 2015

School happens. News at 11.

It's how it usually goes. I start blogging and figure I'm going to keep it up this time! Then I run out of stuff to say.

School prep -- and now school -- happened. 

I got up early today and drove my 2nd grader to school. She has the same teacher her biggest brother (now in high school) had for 1st grade. Crazy.

I came home and got my 8th grader (the Homeschool Boy) up. I read to him from the history textbook, we started reading a side book about the Salem Witch Trials, I made him do cursive and typing and spelling. Oh, and read a poem by Anne Bradstreet (of whom I don't know if I had ever heard, but she was an English-American Puritan poet well before the witch trials). And we got done early. Starting slowly.

And I kept having to nag my 10th grader that really, he really has to do his English summer homework, since now it really is due tomorrow. REALLY.

And then post-school treat, karate for oldest kid, grocery shopping, a few minutes of peace, cooking dinner... So here it is almost 8 pm and I'm wiped out.

Edits to start...uh... tomorrow? I need to do a revision of Book 3 while it's fresh in my mind, but not TOO fresh. Look out, Wild Rose Press, I'm going to be submitting it soon.

Homeschool Boy is going to take classes (math, science, art, creative writing) two days a week, starting next week. That is going to increase my driving, but will also increase my time ALONE. Have I ever mentioned that I'm an introvert? Good article about the homeschooling introvert in Susan Cain's Quiet Revolution blog today. I replied while hiding in the bathroom. Shhh...

Right. Bedtime for small person who's exhausted but won't admit it. And for her big mama.

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