Friday, August 7, 2015

Wait, what day is it?

As it is now August and school starts next week (AAAAAH!),
and I have a homeschooler in eighth grade,
and I am teaching history and literature (and a few other things) at home,
and I have done exactly nothing to prepare, not even choose the books we'll read,
I finally opened the history textbook yesterday. US History, California standard-issue 8th grade, exploration to just before WWI.

Boy-child might be mildly dyslexic and it's only eighth grade, so I'm not destroying his brain with Scarlet Letter and Last of the Mohicans and Moby Dick, but we're doing American Lit. I'm trying to think of fairly short, but interesting, mostly classic fiction. And as the year wears on, my plans get more tentative.

Of course, all those big Hollywood movies about Mohicans and Amistad and the Patriot are R-rated (and not necessarily true to the books, much less true to history) and I'm not really comfortable with that. He's thirteen and I'm not a fan of a lot of the PG-13 things, for that matter.

And I'm listing wayyyyyy too many books. I love reading! But he doesn't. Quite a few of the books I'm choosing have audiobooks available at the library. Neither of us is a good auditory learner, which might be a problem.

Anyway. At least that is... sort of done. I put it in an Excel spreadsheet so I can make changes, because on graph paper it was getting too weird.

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