Friday, October 7, 2016

Synopsis, back cover copy, logline

I'm attempting to write a synopsis to turn in with my next French book. I really hate writing synopses. So far, I have a five page version that wanders and a four page version that....also wanders but maybe with more form.

I've also written a blurb / back cover copy. Well, I've written three of those so far. None are very good.

I have not yet written a logline. Because I really hate trying to write those. How to I write something super duper and catchy that sums up the feel and theme and attraction of the about 20 words?

But I'm about *this close* to turning the book in as it is anyway and fixing it all in edits. I mean, the book is ready to turn in, though I want to beef up a few things. And the sooner I turn it in, the sooner it gets on the publishing schedule. So really, it's best to get it in. So why am I hesitating?

Oh yeah, the logline.

And the blurb.

And the synopsis.

And since I've complained about editing and all the rest before in The Zipless Draft, I'm mostly posting to let you all know that it's still true.

Oh, and I should get to work making a Pinterest board for Melisande. And fixing up one for Henri's novella.

So I leave you with Melisande's mom:

The Fortune Teller, Georges de la Tour, c.1630's.

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