Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday! It's Friday! Gotta take a nap on Friday!

Tomorrow, I'm heading down to the Bay Area for a day-long class romance writing class (Sponsored by Sacramento, San Francisco, and Bay Area RWA chapters) with an editor from Harlequin. She's talking about the publishing environment, tropes, voice, and a few other things. So, this should be good and it's like a mini-conference.

I even won the chance to pitch to her and will pitch my contemporary romance. Wish me luck! I've been working on a logline and a blurb and stuff for it, trying to think of what I'll say. I should print that stuff out. I still need to write a synopsis, too. And go through and layer some more pieces in it and clean it up.

Right now, all my kids are sitting on the couch, watching Jurassic Park (the first one) though one of the kids (the first one) is also playing something on a laptop. The other two (kids, not movies) are eating popcorn. So the weekend has started.

I attempted to take a nap before I even had to go pick my youngest up from school, but ended up reading for a bit and not falling asleep. I think I could sleep now, though. *yawn* Maybe I will. After all, tomorrow's going to be tiring.

Happy weekend everyone!

Oh, and if you want something to read, I've got some fantastic historicals out:
Indispensable Wife
Honorable Officer

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