Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Thiiiis close. And cat pics.

I'm so close to downloading the cover I made for my Christmas ghost story novella. I'm trying to figure out if I should get the multi-use license for the images or single-use. I could use the pictures for marketing things. On the other hand, I could make nine more marketing things using the cover itself. Or two or three where I pay for the pictures again separately, which is more likely.

I think I just made up my mind. Now I have to find a credit card to pay for the kindle cover.

No, wait. Single use means I can download it within 24 hours and can make 2000 "prints" of it. Does that mean 2000 ebook sales? 2000 views of it on my website? Hmmm.

Coming soon to an e-bookstore near you: Christmas Spirit, a story of tenure-track faculty romance, a goofy yellow dog, and an agoraphobic ghost.

In my next book, I'll have a weirdo ginger cat who snores and twitches.

And sometimes sleeps with his eyes open.

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