Friday, March 25, 2016

Today, two weeks, a month, and right now

Today: Last official day of Spring Break for my high school kid (the others have another week....though the middle school kid is going to have to do some stuff next week, just on a laid-back schedule). The teen boys have teen friends coming over to shoot Nerf guns at each other. And stuff.

Also, it's the day the Rita finalists are announced. For years before I ever published and entered, I've watched the announcements carefully. So much good stuff and I always need more book suggestions!

And yet I didn't get The Call this morning. I was tempted to stay in bed until the RWA Board of Directors called to tell me it's OK, it was a mistake, I really did final in Short Historical along with six of the best historical romance authors working right now.

But no go. So get up and get back to work.

And HUGE congratulations to all the Rita and Golden Heart (for unpublished manuscript) finalists! It's as exciting as ever, with that same twinge of envy.

And I get to go to the conference in San Diego!


Two weeks: The Honorable Officer (Book 2, Châteaux and Shadows) comes out April 6th! (OK, so it's 12 days, not a full 2 weeks)

He'll do anything to save his daughter, even fall in love.

Kidnapping, attempted murder, revenge, interfering family members, and a sarcastic aide-de-camp. And romance. What else could you ask for?

I have one blogger who gave me a good review for Indispensable Wife and has promised to review this one, too. Believe me, I'll let you know what she thought, especially if it's good! I sent advance copies to several places, but mostly haven't heard back...

So pre-order, read it, enjoy it (I hope), and review it. At least rate it on Amazon and Goodreads, and everywhere you buy books.


A month: Goddess Fish Promotions is setting up a blog tour for Honorable. It's two weeks of getting the blurb (and, I hope, some reviews) in front of more faces. It won't start until about 20 days after the book comes out, but I'm hoping to beef up the "long tail" as it's called.

Right now: Off to write some more ensemble cast, might-not-be-romance New Adult. At least I'm having fun. Except I just made myself cry yesterday and am about to do that again. But even that is fun. For an author.

Happy Easter for those who celebrate it (we're not particularly religious, but always enjoy coloring eggs and eating candy). And Blessed Purim. And Happy Nowruz. 

And Happy Spring!

And may peace reign. 

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