Thursday, March 24, 2016

I don't know

So I finished writing a blog post... And then thought, "Why am I doing this?

ISIL/Daesh/Boko Haram is blowing people up.

I've been to the Belgian airport that was bombed.

There are more dead in Ivory Coast and Nigeria since then.

People in the US with bad tempers and guns are shooting up retirement communities.

Politicians base their campaigns and laws on prejudice and hate. Inciting violence against dissenters. People vote for them because "We don't want to be politically correct!" and show their true misogynist, racist, prejudiced colors. That's what really gets me. Not that the politicians exist, but that people really agree with them and vote them into office and punch protesters for them.

What happened to live and let live? What happened to morality based on "Love thy neighbor"? And "Liberty and justice for all"? And "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"?

So, well.

I don't know.

Just that there are petty things on my mind, too. Building a career based on love stories in a (mostly) free country that allows women free expression (though we still have to push at times).

So I'll be putting up a marketing blog tomorrow. It'll be peppy. It'll have links.

But for today, I'm still thinking about the dead and the marginalized. And hoping for a better future. VOTING for a better future, once it's my turn to vote.

Get out there and make this thing right.

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