Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Edits and leftovers

Well, my good problem to have (being busy with all the stages of writing), got a little more exciting a couple of days ago when I discovered my book was up for pre-order *and* I asked for and received my ebook files so I could send the book to reviewers and get moving on promo.

(BY THE WAY: Pre-order links are HERE)

So I spent Tuesday, my half-day off from regular homeschool and other mom-ing duties, madly sending out review requests and promo things to a bunch of places I had marked as possibilities, plus setting up a blog tour. I announced to my friends on Facebook that I wanted to give away ebooks to some who might write a review. And several wanted it. A friend even said she started it last night and only put it down because the Kindle light was bugging her husband. So that's a good sign :)

Then I bought an ad on Smart Bitches, but really should have done some photoshop work so there's a little teaser and the fact that it's 17th century France. But instead, it's just the cover. So if you see it in the rotation of the sidebar ads, please ooooh and aaaaah. (and click through. And buy.)

Which brings me to leftovers:

You: Uh...Leftovers. OK?

I fall firmly into line with my mom's plan to cook enough food so that there are leftovers. PLANNED-OVERS. I used to make homemade meatballs, but a year or so ago, I stopped because.... well, they were the best, but man, the extra work for only a slight advantage over some of the frozen meatballs. The other day, I cooked spaghetti and meatballs and made plenty of extra.

Just cooking enough of some foods is hard sometimes, as I have two teen boys and an eight-year-old girl who will latch onto what she likes and eat it all. I cooked a large quantity of sausage last night and there was about one serving left after the locusts got done with it.

And half a baked potato from the locusts three nights ago.

And two bowls of Dhal soup. (Less locust-y, but I love it)

Which means tonight's dinner was brought to you by the fridge and the microwave, thankyouverymuchMama.

And now I can spend the time saved on writing a blog post about saving time.


And by the way, if you are Nan, my editor, the copy edits are proceeding apace, especially when I take my laptop someplace it can't talk to the WiFi. I'm almost all the way through the read-through in which I accept the changes my editor made and asked for (most of them). And then I have to think about it a little and decide if I need to make any big changes. My Cranky Cavalier is pretty good, but he can always be made better.

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