Tuesday, January 19, 2016

That panicky feeling

I had to drive on the highway in heavy traffic through rain this morning.

I got my box of Rita (the Romance Writers of America annual award) books and get to judge them. I'm excited about this one, because it's my first year to enter and to judge. But there are eight and I'm not sure when I'm going to have the time.

My email account decided to change its password without me today, then didn't want to accept the new one. So I might or might not be able to get back into email tomorrow.

I have to get my middle kid signed up for high school before the 22nd, which is only three days away now. We're still waiting for a transcript from his current school. On the 22nd itself I'll be driving my daughter on a field trip, which leaves me tomorrow and Thursday.

And the field trip? They're predicting rain.

I still don't know my precise publication date for book 2.

We still need to get the kids' health insurance sorted out.

All of us except my husband need new passports.

Sometimes, I have to sit and breathe deeply until the tightness in my chest fades.


  1. Breathing is sooo good for you. In. Out. In. Out. After awhile, the world brightens up. In. Out. You feel better. In. Out. You begin to appreciate the beautiful shade of green on the traffic light in front of you. In. Out. The honking from the car behind you doesn't bother you a bit.

    1. Ahhh..... And finding out I won't have to drive on the Friday field trip is also priceless. One more day to get everything done!