Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mostly RWA and writing

Our semester is fully underway now. My homeschool boy started his math, science, and art classes on Tuesday and Thursday this week, so we're still getting used to that again.

We had our RWA chapter board planning meeting. I'm not a voting member of the board because newsletter is about all the human interaction I can take. I don't want to have to organize anything or anyone since I have enough trouble keeping myself in line. But it looks like it's going to be another good year.

We've changed meeting sites because the hotel where we were kept raising rates and charged for food we didn't eat. (Seriously? Room fee, PLUS $8 per person for a plate of flavorless muffins and a couple pots of coffee?) We will have our chapter meeting in the new place next Saturday, so hold us in the light that it's a good venue.

Anna J Stewart, author with Berkley and Harlequin, will talk about writing novellas as bridges between longer works. Visit our website for more info.

And otherwise, I'm not getting as much editing done as I would like on my novella. I think right now I am too close to it. I know what I need to do, but just can't focus on it right now.

My release date for Book #2, The Honorable Officer, will probably be early April. And I turned in all my stuff for Book #3, The Chevalier, so the ball is in everyone else's court for creating a cover, editing, and so on. I'm hoping it won't be another six months.

SO PRETTY! I can hardly wait for pre-order links and the files so I can send out review requests and all that stuff. WOOOOOO!

And tonight I'm bushed. Meeting, then a short stint sorting books in the library (I volunteer with the used book selling with Friends of the Library), then by the time I hit the grocery store, the ambient noise and light bugged my headache and made it seem like everyone was speaking a foreign language (which would not be a new migraine symptom for me, but my headache hasn't progressed to that).

Off to read a book. WILD WILD Saturday night.

And tomorrow morning, I'll go for a walk with a friend.

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