Sunday, January 24, 2016

How old I am!

I went for a long walk yesterday to the library and back to sort books for the Friends of the Library. I am the youngest volunteer in our group. So I am young.

After my long walk, my hips and legs ached and my back feels like it's been welded into place. I am old.

Two of my kids are teens and the third is almost eight. I had my first one when I was 30, which makes me.... Old? Young? And that I had my last one when almost forty really makes me old, while keeping me young?

I've been having my midlife crisis while I still have kids at home.

Age is a number.

Age is a state of mind.

You're only as old as you think you are.

When I was young, I was always older. I was not wise nor necessarily mature, but I was always thinking and feeling. I related better to grown-ups than to kids my age. I was also a good target for the class bully because she could make me angry and/or cry. Wheee...

By high school, I was done with reacting to mean people. Luckily, my high school was bigger than my elementary and junior high school, so I could walk away from mean people, for the most part. I guess that makes me wise. I also found people who were goofy and fun and who liked me without trying to manipulate me (much), so some of high school was like a new happy childhood.

Wow, this started as a fluff piece about laughing at how old I am and I've drifted into the same place therapy always takes me: sixth grade. *shudder*

So anyway, I'll go take my anti-inflammatory and heat up my heating pad, maybe read a book. I might go for a slow walk later.

Dang kids, get off my lawn.

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