Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wednesday, October 14th

I know, I know: PROMO AGAIN?

I know most people looking at my blog have already heard of me. In fact, you're probably my mom. HI, MOM!

This Wednesday, in among all the normal life stuff of homeschool and driving youngest to school and karate (or not karate, as oldest has another after school activity which will clash most of the time) and... oh look I have a chiropractor appointment.... let me start over...

This Wednesday, Goddess Fish Promotions has arranged a Book Blast tour (Or Blurb Blast?). If you click on that link or on the image below, you will find a list of 25 blogs that have agreed to host my book blurb. A few even asked for a review copy!

So I'll be swinging from blog to blog, inspiring people to comment (I hope) and to enter a drawing for a bookstore gift card. I think I said $25, but it might have been $20. Amazon or B&N, winner's choice. So please stop by one or more of the blogs and comment. Also click around, see what the blogs have to offer, read their other reviews. We may try to create art, but the job of writing still comes down to promotion.

But one thing: the people at "We Love Kink" are going to be disappointed, as my book has very little sex in it and it's not kinky. I have nothing against kinky books, but my mom reads my books. HI, MOM!

Off to think of witty, fun comments and questions for Wednesday. These things don't write themselves, after all.

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