Tuesday, October 20, 2015

All glam, all the time

It's my "day off" when I don't have any children in my house for a few hours (not even Homeschool Boy!) So I'm catching up on chores and on my mani-pedi. I'm sloppy at doing my nails, so don't get any ideas about my elegance. They're orange. Just orange. I'm fixing where I chipped off the polish. I don't usually even do my fingernails because I chip it off in about 5 minutes.

I'm going to make bread and write a synopsis. I already watched the last episode of the Pride and Prejudice miniseries while I folded laundry. I cleaned out the fish tank, too. Someone needs to clean out the gutters and that usually falls on me (with a splat of disgusting, decaying leaves, no less).

Because the Glamorous Life of an Author is a Thing.

In other news, I got the second version of my cover for Honorable Officer and it is so, so close to perfect! I'd like the heroine to not look like she's wearing maroon lipstick and otherwise, I am 99% happy. And the hero is a hunk. He's wearing clothes, but looks very macho and brooding. Verrrrrry nice.

My editor wrote to say she got the revisions and is going to read through again and let me know if there are further edits other than my lousy use of commas (my words, not hers). And then it's off to line edits, then schedule release date and.... SOON! Very exciting!

And it's only supposed to be 86 here today. Central Valley CA and autumn... well, we have a month of fall, starting around Halloween. Then 1.5 months of sort-of-winter, 1.5 months of spring, then we're back to WAY TOO HOT for 8 months. I've lived here for almost 13 years and am still not used to it. I have to admit that I revel in the "It's 50 degrees and boy is it cold!" when my mom talks about the zero degrees and blizzard in Ohio. I keep saying that when I'm a millionaire, I'll live up in the mountains all summer and only come down here for the winter.

Right, I'm rambling and not writing a synopsis. I hate writing synopses. SIGH.

But bread first.

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