Saturday, October 17, 2015

Barely a week goes by...

It's been a quiet(-ish) week here in the Land of the Lodge.

The book came out last week. This week, I had a blurb promo tour with a couple of nice reviews. I'm settling into a feeling of... well, it's out. Go read it. It's good. (BUY LINKS TO THE RIGHT)

My daughter's school had a teacher in-service day on Monday, so she was home. When she has the day off, I give Homeschool Boy the day off, too. He only had to do his math homework. Tuesday was CRAZY. The rest of the week was pretty easy, because Homeschool Boy's Not-Home-School classes had a teacher in-service day on Thursday. I'm almost sane this week. I didn't even collapse on Friday until almost bedtime!

My giant, adolescent kitten, napping wherever he happens to be.
Unfortunately, I haven't finished my edits (Sorry Nan, my dear editor) on Book 2, The Honorable Officer. I went all the way through twice (once really a skim, removing random incidences of the words I overuse and re-familiarizing myself with the book) and then had a brilliant stroke of insight on an aspect I could layer throughout. It's brilliant! But it means a third pass. Almost all the way through now! Eventually, I have to give this thing back, then Wild Rose's next edits can happen.

I'm eagerly awaiting a new version of the cover. I had a couple of problems with the first one. It was almost perfect, but not quite.

And THEN, they'll start talking about when I'll be scheduled for my next release. Probably early 2016. Nice!

I'm off to edit.

Peace out, girl scout.

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