Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Book release day!

Big day today! My book baby is in the wild!

All the BUY links are to the right. Over there. Yes, there. Mostly ebook, but you can get paperbacks from Wild Rose and from Amazon. If you want a signed copy, let me know. I got a discount on my promo copies, but between the actual book and shipping from me to you, it's about the same. Or, if you're local, $10. And you'll have my signature!

I've become extremely boring on Twitter and Facebook the last couple of days, what with being busy and only going on the internet to do some promo.

By the way, I was on Abigail Owen's blog yesterday with a guest post about writing and editing.  She writes these great shifter romance books and has a new series coming out now. I haven't read the new ones, but will!

Today we met with the Educational Specialist who checks up on our homeschooling efforts and read about Napoleon (taking a little zig sideways from American Revolution to French as a) my husband is French, and b) the Louisiana Purchase makes more sense if you know why the French were selling all that land).

Then my daughter's charter school had early dismissal, so the Homeschool Boy went to his buddy's house to learn about Walt Whitman's "Oh Captain, My Captain." From whence he has not returned three hours later. Now that's in-depth poetry!

So anyway, with the daughter, I went to the Burger King where they have a playland. Fancy lunch for release day!

When I got home, flowers were on my dining room table from my parents. I'm getting teary glancing at them. So. *ahem*

And all the other days: busy busy. I made the mistake of signing up for the wrong study hall slots at my son's homeschool not-at-home classes and it's a pain in the rear to try to swap with people. So I'm in for some Tuesday hours but if I weren't, I'd have the day off. Next week is my last week for that, because having a day off is HUGE. I'm working my way slowly through Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth one. Dreamy.) I also use those days for wild stuff like sorting the laundry and getting the car serviced. Nothing but party. And Thursdays are my turn to drive and hang around and spend the whole day out of the house. Arg.

I'm editing Book 2 right now, getting it back to my editor. I can't seem to focus right now, mostly because of book launch anxiety. I need to zoom out a bit and figure out if there are places it bogs down that I should slash and burn. BUT I had the draft of the cover and it's *almost* perfect. I'm hoping it can be perfected in close to the current form.

Book 3, I'm giving to my critique partners. When I get done with Book 2, I'll write the synopsis and everything for Book 3 and submit to my editor. So that's in the pipeline.

Then there's Nanowrimo in November! WOOOOT! Not sure what I'm writing for that. Probably writing two novellas. I already started them, but got bogged down in both. They might have to be full-length. We'll see.

And then I'll be revising Book 4 for submission! It's a really rough draft, so will need lots of editing. Lots and lots.

Right. And yet right now, I'm off to take a nap.

Read my book!

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