Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Now and upcoming

Hello, my followers! 
I've finished up my contemporary, New Adult, maybe-more-chick-lit-than-romance novel. I did my part in proofreading galleys for book 3: The Chevalier. I hope to find out the pub date on that soon and then I'll roll out the pretty, pretty cover. Because it is PRETTY.
And then I had a crisis of confidence and had to retreat and read for a few days. And I posted about it. And all of you who struggle with depression or anxiety or other mood swings..... yeah, I know. I'll be dipping in and out for a while, trying to not get too stressed. More exercise, fewer carbs, focus on the positive.
So anyway, I'm thinking what's going to happen next. Most likely, I will be editing and then submitting Book 4, which has as its hero one of the secondary characters in Chevalier, though he's not part of the de Cantiere family. And this might turn into a novella, because it's already not very long. (Book 5 and 6 are about the next generation of de Cantieres, late in the 17th century.)
Also, I should be hearing soon what's going to happen to Book 3.5, a novella with Henri and Marcel as the leads, set immediately after Chevalier.
And I'm working on editing the New Adult one, writing blurbs and synopses and stuff, and I'm going to start querying and pitching and all that fun ("fun?") stuff.
And I'm pretty sure the second New Adult book is going to be structured on the Rolling Stones' Hot Rocks. Which means it will be more masculine, edgier, with less love story and more but shorter chapters. (20 songs instead of 14!). Or it might be Simon and Garfunkel Central Park concert, though I think that's book 3. And maybe a different S&G collection, because I need Cecelia to break a heart and she's not on the CD I have.
So with my homeschooling journey with my middle child coming to an end (barring surprises once he actually starts high school), I've got a full plate writing. Though I'm probably going to have to find a day job and keep writing part time. And more on the end of homeschool in another post...

In the meantime: THE HONORABLE OFFICER is out. Introvert brooding hero. Introvert frightened heroine. Extrovert toddler.

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