Saturday, May 14, 2016


Believe me, I'm grateful for being healthy. But I seem to spend a lot of time exhausted and a lot of time with an upset digestive system.

I'm grateful for kids who can get themselves ready for school (and even for the youngest, whom I carry from her bed to the couch every morning and for whom I still pack a lunch) and who can entertain themselves and feed themselves (but again, the youngest....).

I'm grateful that they are all healthy and sorry I brush them off so much so I can remain seated or go lie down for a while. I don't feel even a bit guilty, though, about the times I tell them they can feed themselves. I've made a lot of meals over the years and two of them are teens: they know how to balance a diet, even if they don't always choose to. And my husband can help the youngest.

Because my old doctor didn't like my new insurance, I'm overdue for all those doctor visits we middle-aged ladies are supposed to have (though with everything I've seen about the lack of need, statistically, for mammograms without symptoms or history before a certain age *or* for PAP smears after a certain age, I'm not sure I need those right now). I certainly need to get checked for diabetes and thyroid issues. And probably food allergies. While the addition of copious quantities of lactase has improved my issues greatly, I still am sick a lot.

And even when I did go to my doctor last, I was assured that everything wrong with me was peri-menopause, which was both reassuring and frustrating as far as diagnoses go. Could we do something about some of these symptoms? Because they're slowing me down. I've never been a high-energy person and always been an introvert who often would rather stay home than brave the outside world. But if my thyroid levels are low and my blood sugar is not regulating itself, those are pretty important. And I should have my heart and cholesterol checked.

Getting older is not for the weak.

Of course, I'm writing all this sitting in my front room/family computer room in my pajamas, avoiding going to the library, which would (apparently) be too raucous for me to deal with right now. I mean, I'm saving my energy for later, when I need to take my youngest to a birthday party. I might go to the library then. Hmmm...


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