Sunday, May 8, 2016

I'm sorry this will be gross

You know what I really want for Mother's Day?

1) Peace on Earth,. Or at least in my house. No fighting for one whole day. No crying. No bossing and angry tattling.

2) Whoever poops, flushes. And if it doesn't go down, they use the plunger.

3) Quiet. Not totally related to "peace" necessarily, but for them to not be making noise for an hour, even happy noise.

4) Cake.

5) Or brownies. Brownies are fine.

6) Chores done without nagging.

7) Kisses.

8) Or hugs. Hugs are fine and there's less contact, especially for squeamish teens.

9) Someone to make my meals. Someone to take the initiative to start a meal and choose what to eat and make the meal. Whoa Whoa! That's asking a LOT.

10) Go play outside. Really. Sunshine, not too hot, you need the exercise. GO.

So anyway...

Happy Mother's Day to all you people who have fulfilled a maternal role in the life of another person! Or animal! All you nurturers out there :)

And to all those who had awful moms, I wish you peace.
And to all of you who wanted to be moms, but couldn't for whatever reason, I wish you healing.
And to all of you who did your best, but your kids went off the rails somewhere along the way, I wish you love.
And to anyone whose child died...there are no words, no healing power of mine strong enough. Love, peace, healing.

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