Friday, September 4, 2015

Hey, I need reviews


Come sign up for my Rafflecopter giveaway! I'm giving away five copies of The Indispensable Wife (in ebook form) and requesting reviews in return.

You get one entry each for visiting my Facebook page and  following me on Twitter. I thought you got a fee one for just showing up and registering with Rafflecopter, but I did something wrong, maybe?

I have the ebook in Mobi, Epub, and PDF formats.

The giveaway ends on 9/12 at midnight...uh... Eastern US time? Look, this is my first rafflecopter. I'm totally a newbie. I promise a minimum of five copies will go out, not including one to my mom.

Immediately Aurore, dressed in peasant homespun like a dull sparrow in a flock of exotic birds, flew out of the door. She cried, “Dominique!” and threw herself into his arms. He took a step back at the impact and held her lush little body tightly against his own, his gloved hands grasping at the laces that crisscrossed her back.
She started chattering almost immediately. “Did you see the king, too? He said he would talk to you. Did he tell you? I am sure he did, if you are here and the Coucher is over. I am so relieved, so pleased. Oh, Dominique, we will get our home back, chéri.”
Dominique was unable to reply. Her leap had knocked the wind out of him, and the only thing he could think to do was to kiss her. Right there in a hallway of the Palais de Vincennes, with aristocratic peers mincing past on high-heeled shoes and servants pretending to not notice, he kissed his wife, his life and soul, the way he had wanted to since the moment he saw her standing on a little stage in a square in some tiny village north of Paris.
He came to himself a short while later, when he stumbled as he turned to press Aurore against a wall. He set her down and took a small step back as she opened her eyes drowsily to smile at him in the way she had when they were first married.
“So this is what the aristocracy is coming to, then?” said a sharp voice behind him.
Dominique turned quickly, shoving Aurore behind him, his hand automatically reaching for the knife which he did not have; Cédric’s valet had complained that it spoiled the line of his waistcoat.
Henri wrinkled his nose. “It’s a good thing our brother had your back, you know. All this kissing would drive anyone to violence.”

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