Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cell phone Google searches in the past month

Many of these are things I looked up for Homeschool Boy, either when we weren't at home or because one of us thought of something. Some are for writing. Some are because....I needed to know.

What do you search for?

Aristotle picture
Also Spake Zarathustra
Archimedes screw
Best slow cooker General Tso chicken
Democritus picture
Dictionary rifle
General Tso’s chicken ketchup
Horse gestation
How long is Last of the Mohicans
How recover deleted memos back on Android
I was so much older then lyrics
Kate Curran
Library hours
Lunge line training
Lunge Longe line
Poverty line California 2014
Reporters killed
Story problems
Shar violin rental
What are roof shingles made of
What is the Spanish word for mountain
Yogurtland sweet treat

It will be up as paperback on Amazon in the next couple of weeks.

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