Monday, September 21, 2015


I am feeling pressed for time these days. Some is other pressures in my life (helloooo homeschooled teenager!), but right now I have two weeks until my BOOK IS COMING OUT! SQUEEEEEE! And so much else to do! *Links at bottom. I do have other things to say.

I am doing a pre-critique partner, pre-submission edit of Book 3, Emmanuel's book (I need to think of a title). All of you will know by reading Indispensable Wife that Manu is the annoying, cranky teenage brother who doesn't do as he's told--with disastrous consequences. Intentionally vague to prevent spoilers... Anyway, he has grown up (nicely!) 12 years later and is still a bit of a cranky adolescent on the inside, but he knows loyalty and how to protect himself and others now, but prefers being alone. And then Catherine, his mom's impoverished companion, gets foisted on him and they both find the other first.

And then my editor sent the edits for Book 2, The Honorable Officer, so I have to get into those ASAP. This is Jean-Louis, the second brother who is an army officer and intensely loyal and heroic and sympathetic to his troops. His wife died after being an awful person and his in-laws are raising his toddler daughter. And then the late wife's cousin who is the one actually acting as a parent to the girl, shy and mostly blind, shows up in a freaking war zone, claiming someone is trying to kidnap or kill his daughter.

To be honest? Honorable Officer is my favorite book of the series so far, with Emmanuel a close second. I shouldn't say that with the first book just coming out! The first book took years of edits and massive cuts of back story and flashbacks and all kinds of stuff. I dearly love Aurore and Dom, but man, they gave me a lot of trouble. They just had too much history between them, from childhood, to early marriage, to the inciting incidents of mercenaries taking over the castle and someone shooting at Dom. (Note to authors: knowing where the story should start is half the battle).

So I'm scrambling to get through Emmanuel, worried about Jean-Louis, and thinking I need to figure out how to do promo, which I know nothing about. (Speaking of deleted scenes, I need to find some to post...)

And my teenage homeschooled kid is pushing back HARD about math homework, of which there is far too much in this actual class he's taking two days a week (from someone else! I was going to rejoice, but it means me nagging about homework.).

* Here are all the links for pre-order. NOTE that you can pre-order paperback copies ($14.99) now. While my cover is beautiful and everyone should have ME on their bookshelf...ebooks are $4.99.

The Wild Rose Press for the paperback (ebook not yet order-able at Wild Rose)
(By the way, there's an excerpt at this link)
Amazon (paperback)

It's available in ebook from:

I'll be selling and signing copies at my local RWA meeting in October, in case anyone wants a signed paperback for a slight discount and is in or near Sacramento, CA on that day....uh, Saturday late in October. The week before Halloween. I'll be in costume.

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