Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lazy Sunday

Hey... it's been a while, eh?

Today was supposed to be the day off this week. I've been working a lot of overtime while it was available, saving up for the weeks ahead when it won't be.

I'm tired a lot and I didn't achieve my 30,000 words for Camp Nanowrimo in July. I did write more than 20K, which is nice. I was rewriting a book I got stuck on and got stuck again at pretty much the same sort of point. So it's a bit stuck. All stuck. I'm going to write some scenes, some of which will have to be cut later.

So today I woke up way too early (like 4:30 kind of early), but managed to go back to sleep at 6:30 or so until 8:30. That was nice. Then I lazed around a bit. Then I took my teens to Target for a bike seat for one and a bike helmet for the other (and 2 pairs of jeans and a polo shirt for boys, and a computer mouse, and a Steam gift card my 2nd son paid for himself, and... I spent $146.) Oldest son can't figure out how to take off his old seat and insists it can't be done. So finally, a few hours later, my husband is helping him. I sure don't see how to do it and I leave things to the mechanically-inclined.

And then I went to lunch a friend I hardly ever see anymore. I swang by the drop box at the library. I did the grocery shopping while I'm out. So now can I have some quiet time?

And my computer is insisting that "swang" is misspelled. So my moment of self-doubt is that I went and looked up the conjugation. Uh, thanks computer, for dumbing me down, because it's the simple past, even though a lot of people say "swung" now. (and, of course, the computer doesn't recognize "dumbing" either)


I'm off to do some writing!

Have a good last few hours of weekend and a great week!

(And go buy Melisande.)

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