Saturday, July 8, 2017

Today's search terms

History of Catalonia in the 17th century
Catalan Revolt
Catalan nobility

Versailles pig farm (results were all Marie Antoinette's pretend farm, not 17th century home farm)

When was Quebec founded (1608)

Sacramento weather (I. Can't. Even.)

Restaurants near me (at a write-in this morning. Ended up coming home instead of going out to lunch)

baby pug (this was my nine-year-old daughter)

how big are alpacas
how much land do you need for an alpaca
how much land for a miniature horse
(all from a conversation with my daughter)

Sacramento library hours (too late now)

Sacramento weather (seriously?!!)

And I wrote 3000+ words. WOOT!

Go forth and google.

And pre-order Melisande.

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