Sunday, July 2, 2017

Organizational SKILLZZZZ

I just went searching for my teens' school calendar for next year so I can put it all in my online calendar. I'm marginally organized sometimes.

I got excited at a note I saw saying "new school hours" and thought that wow, they'd finally paid attention to all the studies and surveys saying teens' circadian rhythms were naturally later and a 7:45 school day was too freaking early.

Then had to laugh at the excited announcement on the high school home page that the new bell schedule means that schools starts.....

five minutes later.

That 7:50 start time is going to make all the difference in the world.

And now I'm trying to find their school-specific calendar instead of the district-wide one, but I'm having no luck. I can at least get that much on my calendar, I guess. No idea when they'll have minimum days and exams and stuff, but we'll figure it out eventually, right?

And all of this....

Yeah, I'm only organized when I'm procrastinating. I have my RWA chapter newsletter about half done, maybe more, since all I need to do is plunk in the articles, which is just minor adjustments to make things fit on the pages. Oh, and get release forms out to the authors who wrote articles for me. Rats. Better get to work now that the coffee is soaking into my brain.

Right ho!

And what I need YOU to do is to pre-order Melisande. She doesn't take orders all that well, though she really, really tries. But give it a go.

And yes, she is kind of pink.

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