Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Leaving for RWA Conference tomorrow!

I'll leave my house at a reasonable time in the morning (I've done those 6 am flights before and am happy to not be doing one this time) and I think I'm mostly ready. Maybe? Almost all packed, anyway. I just realized there's a pair of shorts I washed today that I wanted to pack. And my nail polish for touch-ups.

I also realized that I have no idea what, where, and when I'm going to eat tomorrow. I guess in the airport before the flight, because it's exactly over lunchtime. Maybe I'll pack a sandwich and a banana and have a picnic. Will TSA steal my banana? (ooh-la-la!) Dinner is margaritas and nachos after the big book signing, I guess.

My shyness is flaring already. My chest gets all tight and I can't make eye contact and I have an even harder time thinking of things to talk about and remembering peoples' faces. I am already terrible at faces, but I think that might be partly because I'm bad at eye contact. So anyway, I'm going to put out a plea for people to come talk to me as if approaching  skittish feral cat. No traps, please. Actually, I could deal with being fixed and released (effing peri-menopausal hormones).

So if you're heading to San Diego this week, look me up. I look like this, though usually my hair is sticking out more all around or back in a clip. And I'm not usually this blue, but I'm bad at filters:
A bit more crazy-eyes and I could look like that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend meme.

AND: I have some copies of my first two books. French historical romance. Louis XIVth. Danger. Excitement. Blood loss. Free to a good home.

AND: I have spiral notebooks with my next book cover on them. PRETTY.

AND: As always, I urge you read my books.
Indispensable Wife
Honorable Officer

OH, and I got a job shelving books part-time at my local library today. I'm gonna be gainfully employed when I get back from this trip!

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