Monday, July 25, 2016

Grumpy Week

I've had an odd week. The part time job I thought I had nailed down is still in wait and see mode. My already too dark and depressing New Adult novel (the second one) became too hard to write, especially with the reaction at RWA conference from the editor and agent I met, who don't want New Adult.

I ended up not reading
1) The books for my book groups,
2) My new books from Conference.
Except: Nalini Singh's newest Psy-Changeling, Allegiance of Honor. And then I went back and read the three leading up to it. It was definitely a lie in bed with comfort reads week.

But, in the midst of talking writing with an old friend from high school, who now self-pubs erotic romance, (go check out the amazing Shay Savage!) I started wondering exactly when it was that I started writing. I looked through my archives and came across the second book I wrote (but didn't finish) in 2009 (I didn't come across the first one from 2008) and.... it has flaws, but it is really funny. I crack myself up. So now I'm trying to win Camp Nanowrimo (I only set a goal of 25K words and I'm way behind) by finishing that book. I've combed through it several times, adding descriptions and details and taking out false leads and the direction it was going when I abandoned it.

But you know what? It's good. I'm still not sure how to bring it to an end, but I'm getting there.

Maybe more importantly, the little arm of greenbelt forest that winds up across the street from our house with a creek and steep hill was visited this weekend by a flock of sheep and goats! GOATS! SHEEP! They ate a bunch of dry grass and weeds and low bushes and such for weed abatement and fire safety and to find the trail again. I missed the moments when they set up the fences for a long way back into the forest and both when they dropped the flock off and picked them up.

Just a small part of the flock.

And in other animal news, poor Arrow Turkey is still around and going strong, though he has a big lump on his neck and his head color is odd. And my elderly cat is getting matted fur, which means she's not grooming as well as she used to. Both the cats are shedding, as if we haven't already had a jillion over-100 days this year and they're not quite ready for summer. Or the slightly shorter days means they're trying to get their winter fur? Only three months until summer's over here in Inland Valley California. When I'm rich, we're going to have a house in the mountains for the summer and a second house down here in the valley in the winter. Enough of the oven.

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