Friday, June 3, 2016

More good problems to have

On the Very. Last. Edits. of Book 3, The Chevalier.

I haven't heard the fate of Henri and Marcel's novella. I'm wondering if they're hesitating because it's M/M, even though there's no sex written in it. I mean, they publish M/M romance and even M/M historical romance (and erotica), but not so much in the historical line. Or something?

I want to spend time this summer editing Book 4 and 5. I also want to finish Book 6.

I started writing book 2 of my contemporary New Adult series (though I need to spend some time editing Book 1 and getting a blurb I can live with to send to my critique partners who will tell me everything that's wrong with it).

I've redesigned my website and will launch it when I'm ready to announce the gorgeous cover of Chevalier. And it's a pretty, pretty cover! And a pretty, pretty website!

And we leave next week for two weeks in Ohio. Then a couple weeks after we get back, I'm off to RWA national conference in San Diego.

Basically, I am overbooked (See what I did there?)

If anyone knows a of a part time job for me starting in late July, let me know. Because there's not enough on my plate.

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