Friday, June 24, 2016

COVER REVEAL The Chevalier

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The Chevalier (Châteaux and Shadows, #3)
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It's my prettiest cover yet! I'm not typically a huge fan of brown, but this is so bronze and picks up the bronze patina in the statues and the bronze leaves in the hedges and captures the misty wonder of the Versailles gardens.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.


The Affair of the Poisons just got personal.

Emmanuel, Chevalier de Cantière, youngest son of a baron, is happiest raising horses far from his complicated family. When news comes his mother is deathly ill, he races to her side only to find she has recovered and moved on, leaving behind her companion.

Catherine de Fouet blends into the background, saving up so she'll never have to wait on waspish, scheming old ladies like the baronesse again. She has no interest in a resentful gentleman, estranged from his mother, no matter how broad his shoulders or intriguing the wounded soul behind his handsome face. She just needs someone to escort her back to Versailles.

But Catherine is suspected of poisoning the baronesse. She rebuffs a pushy courtier who tries to use blackmail and bad poetry to make her his mistress. Her reputation hangs by a thread.

The Chevalier wants more than anything to protect this woman whose prickly exterior hides sweetness and passion. They need his family to help them through court intrigues--almost as much as they need each other.

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