Sunday, June 12, 2016

I was going to

I was going to make an announcement today, having just settled in at my parents' house (we were here in the wee hours of yesterday, but most of yesterday was a bit foggy in my brain from travel, lack of sleep, and general fog).

And now we have 50 dead, 50+ wounded in a terrorist attack.

And heartless people (who are barely human) so happy that gay people are dead and it's all a Muslim's fault.

And yet they don't want to limit the right of terrorists to buy assault weapons or make anyone have to submit to a background check to be sure they're not a terrorist or tagged as dangerous.

My announcement can wait. It's a good announcement about a book with gay people in it.

Love, affection, caring, standing up to bullying, standing up for each other and for your family and friends.

Let's be sure love wins, not hate.

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