Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Under the Weather

I was going to gripe about my various symptoms and the way they make my brain sluggish. Just call me Great Aunt Pippa and listen to me whine about fiber and lumbago.

But instead I've looked up where the expression "Under the Weather" comes from.

Apparently, when a sailor got sick, they'd send him under the decks to recover. If you go low down in a ship, you don't get as seasick, apparently. But anyway, he would be under the weather instead of out in the weather.

(Someone on Urban Dictionary said it was because if a lot of sailors got sick at once, they'd have to list the overflow in the next column of their captain's log, which was supposed to be for weather. Since that's the only place that makes that claim, I will say that it's probably not so.)

I'm not sure that completely adds up, but I'm about ready to go back to bed, but have a full day ahead of me and I'm not sick enough to get out of everything.

And you're likely to be "under the weather" the morning after you were "three sheets to the wind." I promise it's not my problem today. Just fighting off whatever germs are attacking me, mixed in with the glory of spring in central California.

Peaches are delicious! Peach pollen is the very devil!

And today, we have to meet with our homeschool adviser, go do a science experiment with 30 or so other homeschooled kids, and my high-schooler needs to go downtown to his Mock Trial competition. But I didn't promise to drive and while I would have liked to have gone, my body says NO. And I have the Book Club in a Box to hand out to my book club tonight. I even read the book for this month!

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