Saturday, February 13, 2016

Promo part two: Electric Boogaloo


Come over to Goodreads and click that you plan to read Châteaux and Shadows 2: The Honorable Officer.

Or click on this handy little button:

The Honorable Officer (Châteaux and Shadows, #2)

I have the PDF file, if anyone wants to read it early and give me a review. I should have the Kindle and EPUB files soon. Let me know if you want one when I start sending out e-copies for review.

I'll be adding links to pre-orders as I get them.

The release date is April 6th! APRIL! SIXTH! Getting excited over here....

Another note: It will be priced at $5.99 for the ebook and $16.99 for the print. It's about 80 pages longer than Indispensable Wife, which costs slightly less. Which means more book for you.

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