Saturday, April 17, 2021

Hello!  It's been a....while.

Currently, I'm working full time with lots of overtime for about half of each month, so further developments in writing have been off and on....for the last 4 years. 

Covid and the resultant isolation and working from home has been anxiety-inducing, but the one bright star is that some other members of my local chapter of the RWA organized weekly writing sprints that quickly evolved into 3 times a week for an hour and a half with breaks for chatting about what we're working on. I usually only make it on Saturday afternoons, but just this has been enough to get me through writing 2/3rds of one book and editing an older one to get it ready for self-pub.

Here's my cover for Memoirs of a Fox, the first in my paranormal romance shifters series, with pre-order links coming soon! I've asked for help with the blurb and want to come up with a series name, and otherwise, I think I'm almost ready to upload. 

(Photo description: the left half of the cover in an image of a fox looking out at us with a snowy background and the right half is a shirtless, muscular, blond guy looking away from it, plus a big orange heart between them. Text: Memoirs of a Fox, Philippa Lodge)

I still have only a few clues about marketing, which is where the historical books fell apart, since my publisher didn't do much to promote them and I had even fewer clues then. This book is going to be a sort of soft launch and book 2, The Wolf Knight's Tale (because Chaucer?) should come out a month or two after with more of a push, then Book 3 and in October/November, a re-publish of my Christmas Ghost novella, which is tangentially related.

Yes, this does mean I'm hoping to bring out four books this year. Wheeeeeeee!

After all those is a separate, tangential shifter series with LIONS. I've written two books in that and am turning over ideas for a third.

ALSO at some point I'm hoping to publish my two college-set ensemble cast romance novels with music and chapters from my lead character's love of 60s music. So those might come out before the lions or interspersed with the lions or with another pen name or.... I don't know? 

Basically, I wrote and edited and queried my butt off for years, had about 4 years without doing much with writing, and am now releasing all my pretty birds to fly free.

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