Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thank goodness for online shopping!

I've gotten three packages in the last two days, so most of my Christmas shopping is done!

I'm not really sure what my husband is getting, and my sister has told me nothing at all about her kids...

In other news, I got a mystery box, which I guess is a present for me, but I don't know if what's inside is wrapped, so I don't want to open it until Xmas.

On the other hand, I'm the mom and am also in charge of making sure my kids get presents for each other and for their dad (and for me, because if I don't remind them, I don't get much of anything...), so I'm only part way there. Luckily, they have cash and I can drop the two teens off in a high-store-density area and let them go. My daughter, I have to help because she's only eight and only has a little money.

We made cookies last weekend and my friend hosted a cookie exchange last night (I was volunteering, wrapping presents at Barnes and Noble to raise money for the Friends of the Library, so I missed the party, but dropped off my cookies and picked up a variety today), so we're set for sugar for a while.

Tomorrow, I have a blood test, then I have to go to the grocery. Then I'll come home, sit down for a little while, then go pick my daughter up from her last day of school, a minimum day. My boys have another week of the semester, including exams, and get out on the 23rd. TWENTY-THIRD. Good thing we're not going anywhere, but they're going to have to get presents this weekend as a break from studying.

So anyway, we are going to have Christmas even though I just got the cars fixed...

Up soon: my favorite books of 2016!

Also up soon! My favorite book of 2017: Henri et Marcel!

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