Friday, November 4, 2016


I started Nanowrimo this month with the intention of writing a YA non-romance with an unreliable narrator who controls the weather. I've written almost nothing of that and am instead steaming full-speed ahead on the New Adult with romantic elements that I started over the summer and which got sidelined by edits.

Two days ago, I got a nasty surprise when the sister of one of my characters OD'd right in front of him and he had to do CPR. So now they're dealing with the fallout of that, including the police searching his car, his dad needing a ride from alcohol rehab to see the sister, and Mike struggling with his own Xanax use.

Sort of a dark book. What do you expect when it's inspired by "Paint it Black" and "19th Nervous Breakdown"?
Oh, and another character has a pressure injury from his running prosthesis and is about to slip into a depression (but this wasn't a surprise because I thought of it quite a while ago).

And today I finished up the newsletter for my RWA chapter an uploaded it all over the place.

And otherwise, I've been goofing off so far today. Time is fleeting and I haven't written anything yet.

Time for a sprint! After I use the bathroom and fill the hummingbird feeder and have some lunch and...

So I need to finish this book, edit book 1, edit this one, plan the next one.... and find a publisher. Or decide to self-publish. It'll be a few months before this sees the light of day, anyway.

In the meantime, read my French books, set in the 17th century. It wasn't really a simpler time, you know...

The Chevalier, 200+ pages of a guy making peace with his family, partly because he met the right woman.

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