Friday, August 19, 2016

Back to School!

The kids all started school this week, my eight-year-old daughter on Wednesday and my two teen boys on Thursday. And with that, my homeschool journey is complete. I mean, I am assuming it is. My daughter has asked several times if I could homeschool her. My son could still wipe out and need to come home again.


They're all in school. I don't know quite what to do with my time. I need a part-time job for quicker money influx as I devote the rest of my time to writing. But yesterday, I went for a walk, took a shower, and drove the Freshman's bike to a bike shop to get a new shifter thingy (and a lock, and some inner tubes and a patch kit) and by the time I got home, it was time to pick them up.

Today, I met with my critique partners and then came home and did a ton of setting up of promo, then a ton of editing.

New book goes on sale in just under three weeks!
The Affair of the Poisons just got personal. 
The Chevalier, also known as the Cranky Cavalier or the Hacked-Off Horseman.

Look how subtly I shoved my promo in there!

Right. And I trawled through some job sites looking for something part time. They're either minimum wage or something my long-ago work experiences and my momming experiences don't cover. Which I know has always been an issue for parents who take time off to raise kids, just saying I'm in that boat now, rowing and bailing.

And writing books. Wheeeee!

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