Thursday, August 25, 2016

Feeling Lazy....Accountability

Maybe I'm avoiding the actual work I have to do, but today's to-do list includes baking cookies (for DD's school, so not entirely at a whim) and feeding the hummingbirds (they are very thirsty this time of year and have drone battles around the feeder, then drain it within a few days).

ACCOUNTABILITY (because I gave a list of goals ten days or so ago):

But 4 realz, I have to finish reading my critique partner's Sci-Fi-Erotic-Romance. And my other critique partner's psychic thriller with romantic elements.

And then I need to do some more thinking and editing on Chateaux and Shadows Book 4, write a synopsis and blurb for it, and submit it. It's still August, right? I wanted to do that by September.

And I keep churning through the ideas I still have for a half-finished New Adult, the one based on the Rolling Stones' Hot Rocks.

But most of all, I'm savoring having a quiet day at home after taking my phone to the store to see if they could figure out why it wasn't booting, only to end up having to have it wiped completely. And then sitting in the car starting to reinstall stuff while listening to the radio for 10 minutes, then discovering just that wore out my battery. And the nice young guy who was giving me a jump start must have had a bad connection on his battery because it didn't work. So I had to get my husband to go pick up my daughter from school and then come rescue me, at which point the jump worked immediately. And then oldest to karate, then dinner, then me to book group.

So anyway, I've made my cookie dough, but the recipe said to chill it before making the dough balls to bake. So now I'm off to do that and to read some Sci-Fi Smut. Whee!

Just now got an email with the cover for my novella, Henri et Marcel, which will come out......I don't know when . In the next few months, I bet. Big excitement!

So go pre-order The Chevalier. It's awesome.

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