Saturday, September 4, 2021

I've never been a consistent blogger, but the last few years, with the day job and blogging not being as cool as it used to be, well, it's about never?

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I've got Book 3 in Shifter's Heart coming out on Tuesday Sept 7, so that's a thing! See above for cover.

A big, bad wolf meets an innocent grad student

Beth Ogden has lists and notebooks and transcriptions and scans and years of work toward her PhD in History. She’s preparing to go to a shifter commune to do more research when she’s asked to take an undercover FBI agent along as her assistant. An attractive, intriguing FBI agent.

There are warning signs that the peaceful, spiritual commune is turning into something more sinister.

Agent Alex Three Feathers, half wolf shifter, half bobcat shifter, all jaded, slips into his role as research assistant, but wishes his undercover days were over. He’s being considered for a role in the FBI’s Shifter Task Force, but there are a few problems:
1) His half-brother is his liaison for this assignment and is already on the task force,
2) They hate each other,
3) He has to survive this commune that’s a hair trigger away from exploding in his face,
4) He’s falling for Beth, who’s likely to get herself killed through her naïveté.




I also just put the pre-orders up for the ebook version of Christmas Spirit, a re-release of my first book, a Christmas ghost novella. Slightly updated and edited from 2013 (has it really been that long???)

 A math professor meets her great-grandmother's ghost
Dr. Annabelle Smith is new to her tenure-track position in the math department at the small college where her great-great-grandfather taught more than a century before. She's years away from being tenured faculty and has to be the perfect professor in all ways, considering the tight, unforgiving university job market.

She definitely doesn't believe in ghosts, but ever since she bought her ancestors' farmhouse, intense dreams have plagued her.

When her attractive history professor neighbor, Chris, returns from sabbatical, the ghost invites all her memories and throws a Christmas party in the living room.

The ghost wants to know what happened to her son.
Chris wants Annabelle.
Annabelle wants to keep her job AND Chris.

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